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IMCES About Us pictures
IMCES About Us pictures
Each Mind Matters
IMCES About Us pictures
Each Mind Matters
IMCES About Us pictures


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IMCES is a nonprofit community clinic that is structured to provide clinical services, as well as clinical training and education. IMCES provides integrative mental health, primary care, substance abuse, and social services to help people of all ages, ethnicities, and cultures. Dr. Pir, based on our mission and philosophy, led the institute to become one of the few unique outpatient community clinics designed specifically to treat the varied needs of the underserved, culturally and linguistically diverse communities of Los Angeles. The agency is amongst the most culturally competent comprehensive service providers in the county, providing linguistically proficient services in eight different languages including Arabic, Armenian, English, Farsi, Italian, Polish, Russian, and Spanish. Every year IMCES serves thousands of individuals and families who have been identified to be 100-200% or more below the poverty level. IMCES offers twelve clinical programs developed to reach children, youth, families, and adults who have many barriers to their success and sustainability within the community.


ur Clinical Services


IMCES believes health and wellness is the human right of everyone. Services must be designed based on the principal of inclusion to reach the cultural and ethnic diversity of our community. In addition, the spectrum of services must include prevention and education for the community at large as well as early intervention and comprehensive intensive care for severely ill individuals. IMCES’ clinical service integrates mental health with primary care, substance abuse and social services to people of all ages, cultures and ethnicities.
Dr. Tara Pir made a strong commitment to develop a high standard of clinical training to promote a specialty area of community clinic with an emphasis on an integrated model of service delivery for new and emerging professionals in the field of health and mental health.

The mission of IMCES is to promote human rights while cultivating healthy, resilient individuals and families through the provision of culturally competent mental health, primary care, substance abuse, social and supportive services.


IMCES is committed to helping members of the community overcome adversity, achieve independence, and create better and meaningful lives for themselves and their families. Our treatment philosophy focuses on strengths rather than pathology, on wellness rather than illness. IMCES provides culturally proficient services to children, youth, families, and adults based on the proven success of integrative, coordinated services through the utilization of prevention and early intervention strategies.

We understand, honor, and respect the many different customs that cultural and ethnic diversity brings forth. At the same time, IMCES promotes social justice and strives to eliminate the stigma and disparity in mental health service delivery within the communities we serve.

Mission & Philosophy

IMCES Success Stories

"My success is due in part to the Wraparound team suggesting that the family be more involved in my academic progress.  My sister checks my work daily to make sure that I'm completing my work and doing it correctly. Due to my progress, the court judge said that she will take me off of probation if I receive passing grades in all of my classes!"

"After getting arrested and given a citation, his attitude changed and he came to the WA team to see how he could prevent himself from possibly being detained. WA team informed him that now was the time to get his life together and follow rules.  WA team enrolled him into the independent study program at City of Angels so that he could get caught up on his academic credits."